Light Sensitive

The Photography Of Kathy Harcom

'Light Sensitive' was published by Arem in February 2004 and launched at Focus on Imaging in Birmingham that year. Perhaps the best description is to quote the words on the back of the book, written by Roger Maile:

"Light Sensitive presents the stunning crafted photography of Kathy Harcom, whose work focuses on both the natural world and human artifice. Kathy brings to her varied subjects an individual perspective that combines technical skill and creative vision.

A darkroom-based 'traditional' monochrome worker, Kathy makes extensive use of three particular photographic techniques to work her magic on her chosen subjects: infrared photography, lith printing and handcolouring. In Light Sensitive she shares her techniques in straightforward essays, providing sufficient insight to give even novices the opportunity to emulate her craft skills.

What Kathy's techniques achieve is a distinctive rendition of the qualities of light that breathe life into her images.

The extended sensitivity of infrared film brings to the print qualities that are not normally visible to the human eye, complemented by the contrasting gentle highlights and stark blacks of the lith printing process and the surreal application of hand-colouring. These are images that are memorable - sometimes even haunting - but always stimulating."

The book has a soft cover and has 64 pages, 16 of which are in colour and the remainder is in black and white.

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